About me

David GriffinBy my own personal admission I am not the greatest at writing, never have been. My school teachers will happily confirm. But even worse is having to write about ones self. So here goes!

I am a documentary wedding photographer based in south wales, although in 2015 I will be shooting weddings from Loch ness to Canary Wharf, and of course all over Wales.

I have an unhealthy amount of push bikes in my garage, a broken motorcycle that I keep meaning to ‘fix one day’ and I am a novice triathlete. With less emphasis on the athlete.


I am crazy about food, cooking, baking bread and the mystical art of sourdough in particular.

I love my family who consist of an amazing wife who continues to put up with me, our 2 amazing boys who are allowing me to relive my childhood, and last but not least the barking (literally) mad hound Suzi Dog, a good old Heinz 57.