Bath time

What a fantastic time we live in, who would have thought 15 years ago that we would be able to carry around a device in our pockets that enables us to communicate capture create and share, worldwide in an instant, it truly is fantastic.

I remember the days of owning a PDA, it was a top of the range Hewlett Packard. Blimey it was a pain to use, I remember the joy of finally configuring it to connect to a separate GPS to use for mapping software when walking in the hills. And connecting it to my phone to pickup email, it was like pulling teeth.

You just couldn’t envisage what we are able to do now. You can see something, take a picture, process it and post it online, in an instant. Which kind of begs the question as to why I don’t post more pictures, well as much as I love all this tech that we have to hand, nothing can beat real world human interaction, especially when that’s with you own kids.

So here’s a picture of my little boy enjoying an overdue bath after playing in the mud all afternoon.


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