Brenizer Method – Faux Medium Format effect

The Brenizer Effect is a photography technique which is referred to by many names.   Bokeh Panorama or Bokehramta. It is a photographic technique characterised by the creation of an image exhibiting a shallow depth of field in tandem with a wide angle of view, widely acknowledged that Ryan Brenizer was the first to popularise the technique hence the it being named the Brenizer Effect.

I like to use it sometimes when I get to photograph a couple in a big landscape. Or if I want to go wide to capture a feature, such as the tree in the image below, but ensure that it is not in sharp focus as it would be using a wide lens.

Brenizer Effect
Wedding photography showing the brenizer effect

I am not the creator of this technique, that is not why I am writing about it. I am  a fan of it, the advent of the digital age really empowers the photographer of today. In an ideal world yes  I would love to shoot every wedding on medium format. But I am not ready to drop the cash on that large a purchase yet. Not while there’s still nappies to be bought !

How to do the Brenizer Effect

So where do you start! Well you start as you would do with any picture you take, visualise the the image you want to take in your mind eye. Now you have that image in your mind, you probably have an idea of the lens to shoot it with. STOP! Ignore that lens choice instead use a telephoto lens that’s going to give you a nice shallow depth of field. But you aren’t going to get the frame you pictured in your mind I hear you say. Well yes and no. You see this is where the fun begins, what you need to do is too shoot a series of images, starting with a shot of your subjects, get that nailed down first. Then you need to take shots of around your subject making sure you overlap each frame so that when you come to stitching it all together in photoshop the program has something to work with.

You should now have a series of images which are like 3lots of 3 panaoramic shots. All you need to do now is to bring them into photoshop. To do this open photoshop then go to file and the. Select automation and then select Panorama. Just keep the default option selected and let photoshop do its thing. Depending on your computer you might have to wait a little while for this to complete. Once it’s stitched just check zoomed in at 100% to make sure the stitching is all good, if it’s not then just manually edit the layer masks till you have a result you are happpy with. Now you can continue your processing in photoshop or save out the file and import into Lightroom or whatever else you use dor editing .

I hope this helps some one would like be to know if it does let me know in the comments.

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