Bride and Groom photographed in documentary style

Documentary wedding photography – The stolen moment

I’m sure people might look at this image and think it was setup, but this sort of image really typifies what I try to achieve with my documentary wedding photography. Catching those stolen moments, where you are most at ease.

This picture was taken in the Bear Hotel in Cowbridge, the guests had all been asked to leave the drinks reception and make their way down to the main dining room ready for the wedding breakfast. So I was hanging back just to see if I would get some interaction between the bride and groom.

To my delight I could see they were standing in the doorway, which has an adjacent doorway leading to steps which lead down to the function room, and I could see the lovel light streaming in. So Im looking through the view finder and watching and waiting for something interesting to happen between them, and just then the groom starts gesturing as if to take a picture (the groom Andrew is a distinguished RAF photographer), but at the same time a member of staff walks right into my frame!  She’s oblivious of me taking pictures as I am much further down the hall peeping from around a corner. But I stick with it and I keep shooting, they still make some nice images, but I ended up with this lovely picture as the staff member scurried out of shot, and bride and groom look into to each others eyes before heading off down the stairs. Hope this gives and insight into the way I approach documentary wedding photography.

Bride and Groom photographed in documentary style


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