Donna & Calum – Manorbier Castle

Wow what an amazing winter wedding.

The weather Gods looked upon us favourably and after a horrid week, the heavens cleared to deliver stunning blue sky and a crisp frosty morning. After a tricky drive west on the icy roads, I turned up at Manorbier castle to be greeted by Donna and her family busily getting ready whilst listening to Christmas songs – such a lovely way to start the day.

Before walking up the (still icy) road to see Callum, I took the chance to check out the ceremony room in the castle. What a treat, it has to be the most atmospheric place I have had the privilege to shoot a wedding. As it was still early, the big open fire had not long been lit and consequently there was quite a bit of smoke floating around the room before the fire started to draw properly. The real magic was the fact that it was such a beautiful clear day and with the sun streaming in through the windows, the smoke in the room created stunning beams of light penetrating into the room. Along with the age worn walls and the beautiful floral decorations the room really was a picture.

Off to see Callum next getting ready with his family, the day starts to move on at some pace now. Callum and the rest of the boys having a bit of spur of the moment idea. For those that don’t know – Manorbier Castle is situated right on the magnificent Pembrokeshire coastline, between Tenby and Pembroke town. The temptation of the sea being too close for Callum to resist, as an avid kite surfer and triathlete he is no stranger to ocean. But skinny dipping just half an hour before you are due to get married just shows you the character that Callum is – full of life and full of fun, I like him immensely.

Needless to say, this set the tone wonderfully for the entire day, Donna and Callum just looked so fantastic together, and the emotion shown during the ceremony was plain to see and demonstrated how much they love each other. It really was a pleasure to photograph their wedding!

Here are a few cheeky teasers from the day. A full post will be up in due course. Enjoy!


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