Do you travel?

Whilst I am based in sunny Swansea by the sea, I am just as happy to travel anywhere you need me too.


Are you insured?

Oh Yes!


How do we book you?

Just call or email me at anytime and I will check availability.

I require a completed and signed contract and a non-refundable booking fee to secure my services for your wedding date. I am unable to hold dates without the completed contract and booking fee. The remainder of the balance is due 4 weeks before the wedding date.


What happens once we book you?

Once you have booked me we will arrange a date to meet up well in advance of the wedding to chat through the details and the the timings of the day. This also helps to build our relationship which is important when you consider I am going to be around you for the best part of 12 hours. If we need to meet up more than once that is fine too, there’s no limit to meetings, and I am always happy to answer any questions via skype or email.


Will you take formal pictures?

Even though I am a documentary photographer, I realise that parents and grand parents, can exert some pressure for the more traditional pictures. So I am happy to shoot a few formals, which we will shoot quickly and efficiently to not interrupt the flow of the day.