Grandma we love you

Wedding Grandmother

This picture, is one of my all time favourites. Maybe not for the composition or lighting but for capturing the moment.  This is the brides grandmother who I was trying to get a picture of all morning during the bridal preparations. As usual my style is to capture the individual as they are going about their business, and because I use fast fixed focal length prime lenses, I tend to be immersed in the action. So whilst I aim to be as discrete as possible, its impossible to hide when in a room with the bride, bridesmaids and family. So back to Grandma, a lovely sweet lady, but she really didn’t want to be photographed at all, she wasn’t taking any chances, so when I entered the room she pretty much hid herself so as not to get into my frame. So what do you do ? Well I just continued to shoot some pictures of the bridesmaids helping the bride dress, and Im looking into the viewfinder of the camera with my left eye and Im scanning the room with my right eye, just waiting to see if Grandma decide’s to make an appearance.

Once again my patience was rewarded, she just popped her head around the corner for about 2 seconds, I shot maybe 2 frames, Im guessing she heard the shutter go on the first frame, turned her head to me and I hit the shutter again(which is the picture above) and then recoiled like a tortoise hiding from danger.

Normally I am not looking for the subject of the photograph to be looking into the camera, the fact that they are aware they are being photographed changes the dynamic of the image. But some how I think the eye contact is what makes this image.

I’ll leave you to decide.

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