Wedding preparations

Jody & Chris at the Gower Hotel

Earlier this summer I photographed Jody and Chris’s wedding at the Gower Hotel. I tell you I have to pinch myself sometimes doing this job as you get to meet so many great people and have a good bit of fun. The day started at Chris’s parent house where he and the ushers were getting themselves ready, it turns out Chris loves his Motorbikes. So I am taking pictures and chatting bikes ! You don’t get a better start to a day.

Once the boys were nearing getting ready it was time for me to hotfoot down the Gower to catch up with the stunning Jody having the finishing touches to her makeup. Then theres’s Jody’s eyes WOW, just WOW.

The weather was perfect, even it it had been threatening to rain all week, and even the best man’s wife managed to be ready in time after turning up at the hotel in the morning to realise she hadn’t packed her dress! Some one must have driven like Lewis Hamilton to go home and get back to the hotel in time!

We had a lovely ceremony and after a quick change around the guest were ushered in for the wedding breakfast. But before sitting down there was the small matter of cutting THAT cake. Wow what a cake, it just looked too good to eat, and couldn’t begin to think how you would cut it up, I didn’t envy the kitchen staff tasked with that job.

Jody and Chris and their family and friends are a good lively bunch, needless to say the evening party was well and truly in full swing by the time I departed.

All that’s left to say is Congratulations Jody & Chris, I had a great day, and you guys looked like you did too.


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