Llangennith Gower – Moody Sky

Iphone + Snapseed =  very happy man.

For years I have always been in a quandary when going out for a walk with the family, do you take the big camera or leave it at home.  If you take the big camera, which lens do you take? As I use prime lenses this would mean having to take a bag lenses camera etc….. It just starts getting ridiculous.

So whats so great about the iphone , well it small, ive always got it with me, and since the 4s its quite quick. The previous version always had quite a lag when hitting the shutter. You can now use a physical button(the volume) instead of the onscreen button. This makes for more stable grip when shooting. When you combine all this with an app like snapseed, which is truly brilliant, you have a very powerful tool.

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