The Wife

Just came across this post in my Drafts, I published it years ago on my orginal site, but for some reason I unpublished it. Thought i’d dust it off and revisit it. Its now 10 years in fact 11 this July since we were married and we now have 2 gorgeous boys in our lives and yes Suzi Dog is still going strong

This is actually a photograph of my wife! Before you all think I am mad taking my own wedding photographs, let me explain.

We got married 4 years ago, and the photographs that we had taken at the time, were a bit of a disappointment. Now you might be asking how on earth did I allow that to happen. Well the year I got married is the year I picked up my first proper camera. So I was still very naive and just went with the same photographer that my sister had.

She didn’t do a terrible job, but there were a lot of photographs where I my suit arm had risen up my shirt sleeve and I had this big killer cuff in the majority of our portrait shots. So to cut a long story short we decided that we get dressed up and take some new photographs, with the help of my good buddy Mr Simon Potter his good lady wife Natalie and there little dog Roxy

So we decided we would like some photo’s on the beach, so I packed  van with all my gear and met the Potters down at Oxwich bay.

I tell you get some looks jumping out of the drivers seat of a Black VW transporter van in sharp suite, and even funnier looks when you open the door for you wife who;s sitting in the back and jumps out in full on wedding dress. People must have been thinking we were right cheap skates driving ourselves about on our wedding day.

After initially feeling very self concious we both relaxed and got into the swing of things. I set up some lights and nailed down the settings in manual, and then Mr Potter snagged some cracking shots of the both of us.

I did get in on the action too and it was really awesome to be able to photograph my wife, which is a novelty in itself, but to get to photograph her in her wedding dress looking absolutely stunning was really cool.

So a month or so later I finally get my act together and get around to printing some of these photographs, which are now pride of place on our wall.

So a big thank you to Mr & Mrs P , and to Roxy dog too

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  1. I understand the problem because exactly the same happened to my wife and myself. I really like the moody shot above and am always looking at photographers sites to gain inspiration. Well done.

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