New Years Eve Wedding

New Years Eve Wedding

So you want to get married, you going to have a party right. What better night than a New Years Eve Wedding. Thats what Lizzie and James decided to do, and boy did they do it with some style.Oh and did I mention they got married in a cinema too!

I absolutely loved shooting this wedding, it had everything. Cool wedding venue, chilled out couple, travel by public transport, pie, everyone up for a crazy mad party. Oh and once again Lizzie and James excelled themselves with the coolest wedding favours ever. Each guest was given a vinyl record individually chosen for them(they did admit this was quite a task!) But it was so worth it. With a DJ on hand they could rock up and get their record played and throw some shapes.

Film stars

So they got married in the Screen on the Green in Islington, which made for a great back drop to their wedding. There were a few challenges as a photographer, not least the fact that cinema’s are by their very nature very dark, but using my Nikon’s incredible ability in low light along with my fast prime lenses I was able to achieve the result I needed. I even used a couple of off camera lights just to pump a little bit of directional light into the room. So still keeping to my philosophy of shooting at a wedding.

New years eve wedding party

So wedding party’s are always great, but then chuck in a DJ all the guests personalised vinyl choices, the grooms band playing (with Groom on drums) , and then the countdown to the new year. It’s the best new year I have had in recent memory. You can just see in the pictures how mush everyone was so hyped up to have good time, and fair play to all the guests, they showed some awesome stamina to keep up the partying way into the new year.

This wedding is from a couple of years ago, I just have not got around to writing about it until now. With is being the start of a new year it seemed fitting.

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