Every Wedding is different

No two weddings are the same. There is so much happening on your wedding day, emotions are all over the place. Tears one minute, laughter the next. I am there to capture it all, thats my job, to do so with the minimum of fuss, without attracting any attention. It’s not easy to do, but when it is done well you get the most accurate and emotive record of your wedding day. I like to describe what I do as not simply creating a record of who was there but of how it felt to be there.

It’s just me

I shoot alone, purely because I know that I am going to capture the images in a composition that befits my style. I also prefer to shoot alone as I know what emotions and moments I have captured, not having to rely on anyone else. I also edit all my images myself, again to ensure that I deliver the look and style of image that I envision.

No cheese

I like to get up close and into the action, I mingle with your guests getting into the feel and vibe of the day it allows me to anticipate the special moments throughout the day. I am not going to ask you to say cheese, or to ask you to ‘do something again for me to capture it. These moments are of an ephemeral nature, and to capture them, well there is no better way of documenting a wedding.