Documentary wedding photography of wedding ring

Show me your ring


This is typical of how as a reportage wedding photography┬áI look to shoot details of the day, in a natural and organic fashion. We had just come out from the ceremony, and were waiting for bridesmaids and other members of the wedding party to depart in the wedding cars. I just happened to notice that Ben the groom kept touching his ring, wedding ring that is. It’s something I could relate too as I remembered doing exactly the same thing when my wife and I got married many moons ago. Not being someone who has ever worn jewellery before the sensation of wearing a wedding ring for the first time is quite unique. So whenever I look at this image it always reminds me of the first time I wore my ring, I hope Ben feels the same.

To me this type of image has more feeling and meaning than taking a picture of the rings stood up in a spine of a book, to make an oh so wonderful heart shaped shadow, like every other wedding, pass the sick bag please.

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