My current method of getting some exercise and stopping myself ballooning into a giant ball is to put my daps on and go running in the countryside. Much more interesting than the gym or running on the road. Now the online shop has a hashtag of #myRunspiration you basically take some pictures when you are out on your run of scenes that inspire you. So I thought I might start sharing mine on the blog as well as twitter.

All pictures are taken with iPhone 4s, as I am not really into lugging around a DSLR through the woods and fields, dont think my brides would appreciate me turning up at their wedding with dung splattered camera.

As I have probably said somewhere else on the blog, the iPhone is great for these type of pictures. I use a combination of apps to get the look I want, the updated Photoshop app is really great to fixing exposure, shadow and contrast. I’ll use instrgram sometimes for its x-pro filter, and sometimes I use Snapseed.

Let me know if it gives you any inspiration to get your daps on or to start taking pictures when you are out on your next run.





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