Photograph of Cutting the cake gower hotel swansea

I Love the cake

When it comes to cutting the cake on your wedding day, it is probably the most weird part of the day. I thought it was weird when I got married and I still think its weird every time I take a picture at a couple’s wedding, nobody ever really seems that comfortable cutting the cake.

Wedding Cake History & Tradition

But before I start to sound like a grumpy old man, I am a man of who loves tradition and of the cutting of the wedding cake is steeped in tradition and history.  I approach the cutting the cake with two emotions in mind. The emotion between the bride and groom, with their hands clasped together around the knife, and the emotion of the throng of guests jostling for position, like a pack of pap’s, hounding a celebrity.

I would be interested know how others handle wedding cake photography. I think maybe instead of just announcing that the cake is going to be cut, the best man could maybe give a running commentary or a countdown. Or at least get everyone to cheer once the cake is cut, as so often I find it to be a bit of a non-event. So if you are planning your wedding, or you happen to be reading this and will be attending a wedding. Go on, do your bit to make it a bit more special whip up the guests into a frenzy. It will certainly make for some great pictures if you do.


Wedding Cake Photography

Whilst this is obviously my personal opinion as a professional working at a wedding. It would be interesting to hear other professionals and guests opinions on the subject. I almost forgot, brides and grooms, I would love to hear what you thought about wedding cake photography.

Wedding cake photography at the gower hotel Swansea


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