Wedding Photographer in Swansea

Wedding Photographer in Swansea

For wedding photographer in Swansea

Look no further as I produce high quality images of your wedding day in my signature documentary style. I aim to shoot your wedding in an unobtrusive style. I blend in with your guest looking for memorable moments. I look to frame these moments in interesting compositions. Unique, honest and creative documentary wedding photography. No two weddings are the same. There is so much happening on your wedding day, emotions are all over the place. Tears one minute, laughter the next. I am there to capture it all, thats my job, to do so with the minimum of fuss, without attracting any attention. It’s not easy to do, but when it is done well you get the most accurate and emotive record of your wedding day. I like to describe what I do as not simply creating a record of who was there but of how it felt to be there.

I am based in Swansea South Wales

But I am happy to travel anywhere in the uk, I have photographed weddings from Lochness to Canary Wharf. When I shoot a wedding which is more than a couple of hours away I stay overnight so as to be on time. The last thing you want is for me to be stuck in traffic somewhere. If your location is too far away to meet up prior to the wedding, I find it is good to Skype as that does help to introduce each other. It starts to build the  rapport.

Choosing a Swansea wedding photographer

When you choose your photographer it is important that they are the right fit for your personality and for the type of images that you want. Once you identify the style of wedding photographers in swansea that you like, you then need to meet them. I feel it is very important to meet up and to see if you feel comfortable with them as your photographer is going to be around you a lot on your wedding day. If you are looking for a wedding photographer in Swansea then please take a look at my portfolio.