Nat & Dan Barn at Brynich

Natalie and Dan, like peas and carrots. Within a couple of minutes of meeting them at their home I liked them very much. After a few minutes of looking at my portfolio, we digressed onto talking about mountain biking, skateboarding, snowboarding etc….. Natalie kept feeding me biscuits, I could have happily stayed there all evening. Which brings me to a very important point. As important as the style of photography and quality of your photographers portfolio, equally or maybe even more important is whether or not you get on with your photographer. You are going to be spending probably one of the most important days of your life with your photographer, so you had better get on with them!

So the big day arrives and I turn up at the Barn at Brynich, and Natalie had done an absolutely amazing job of the decorating. She had been cracking the whip on Dan all week making the amazing pin wheels which were covering the partition wall at the top of the room. A site to behold.

A common theme these days is for the diy decorations, but I have not seen anything like Nat & Dan produced, all very original and and superbly executed. The button holes were so original, real ale bottle tops with a wheat stem. They looked amazing. If you want to read a little more in depth about the details, the fabulous guys over at have featured the wedding on their blog.

After the ceremony, Nat and Dan had laid on some cool outdoor games for their guests, with Purple Carrot Catering keeping everybody supplied with some delicious canapés. The weather was perfect and the whole day was just brilliant, just like the happy couple. So if you need wedding photography in brecon just get in touch.

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