Bride and Father hugging

West Wales Wedding Photographer

Bride and Father hugging

I love this picture, the bride and her Dad stopping to have a hug whilst still in the middle of putting all the final touches together in the marquee. I had arrived early and I was shooting a few details of the table settings and getting a general feel for the place. Then I spied the bride walking down from the house to the marquee, so I just kept myself aware of what was going on. I could see her Dad going about his business with his bag for life, and then I could see that they were engaging in some conversation, at which point I start paying them a bit more attention and and looking through the viewfinder to see if I can make a nice composition. I move about a bit to make sure Im not getting a marquee support growing out of their heads, and then watch the moment unfold in front of me. I nice proper hug, or as we say in our neck of the woods  a nice cwtch.

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