Snoring at the wedding

The way I work

Wedding photography comes in many different flavours, so why do I shoot  a wedding in the style that I do? That is a very good question, and one that I ask myself repeatedly as I develop as a photographer. I didn’t start out deciding that I am going to be a documentary wedding photographer. It’s kind of evolved into that.

I photograph a lot of other subjects commercially, but I have always taken pictures of friends and family when  we are out and about on adventures and at parties. So I am always photographing people. I am quite a nosey person, or as my dear mum would say, I’m just interested in people. I love to people watch, and I really like talking to pretty much anyone. You could say I’m a people person.

Personally I dislike having my picture taken, I always succeed in producing what’s best described as a jovial grimace. Of course this is when some one is forcibly pointing a camera at me and demanding I smile. I don’t like it and I don’t expect my clients to either.

Documentary Wedding Photography

So this dislike of being photographed coupled with my interest in people and their behaviour has helped me to develop my skills. Many people tout to be a documentary photographer, taking candid pictures and being discrete. But it’s not just about being discrete, or about using a long lens to keep your distance. It’s about immersing ones self into the wedding day. Understand people and gaining an understanding of people’s personalities. Allowing me to anticipate moments throughout the day, pick up on special details around the home, how the receptions is laid out, the weather, bystanders. Anything really that has a touch on the day. Moments which quite often the couple aren’t party too yet still tell the story of the wedding day.

Story telling

It really is a privilege doing this job, you get to share one of the most important days of a couples life and get to tell the whole story of the day. Don’t get me wrong it is not easy as you have to be alert at all times. But you really do get to meet some wonderful people and hear some incredible stories.

Maybe I’ll get to tell your story.

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