Winter walk Swansea marina to Swansea bay

It’s so nice to feel a little bit of sun on our back when we are in the depths of winter. But it does really make you miss the summer. At least spring is around the corner. Here’s a picture I took whilst out on our walk with Ifan and Ioan in the weekend. After getting bored of the park and the fact Ifan thought the bouncy bike was his and nobody else we decide to stroll over to the beach. This is the beauty of carrying an iPhone in your pocket and testament to how good the camera really is. I was quite amazed at the detail it managed to pick up when shooting directly into the sun. Capturing the image in an exposure that I was looking for but without any input from me. I might have used the exposure/ focus lock but I can’t recall. The up shot is I just love taking pictures with my iPhone. Let me know what you think.IMG_4562-0.JPG

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